Investors of Germany with interest look at the Turkmen market

Investors of Germany with interest look at the Turkmen market

The meeting of the Turkmen-German intergovernmental commission took place today in Ashgabat, in the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, German Society for International Cooperation the German Eastern Business Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Germany and a number of the German companies took part in it. Turkmenistan was presented by heads of various state structures and business community.

«Germany attaches today a huge significance for interaction with Turkmenistan. The current year promises to be fruitful. It is planned to expand bilateral cooperation in trade and economic, investment and financially-bank sphere», – the representative of the Germany Trade & Invest Uwe Strohbach said at the meeting. German investors, as he said, with interest look at the Turkmen market.

In the context of realization of long-term projects in Turkmenistan with assistance of German companies he set as an example long-term and successful activity of such corporations, as Siemens AG, Claas Global Sales GmbH, Umax Trade GmbH and some others. Besides them, the list of German companies, ready to strengthen their positions in the Turkmen market will extend.

As significant directions of cooperation at the meeting of the intergovernmental commission an establishment of straight lines and close connections in the area of business communities of two countries, attraction of investments, and introduction of methods of effective management, advanced administrative decisions were outlined.

These issues as the chairman of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan Alexander Dadaev said will be more in detail considered on Friday, on January 24, at the meeting in UIET.

The sides also discussed possibilities for more effectively use of mutual potential, first of all, taking into account diversification of economy of Turkmenistan, introduction of high technologies in manufacture, industrial infrastructure, digitalization processes unfolded in the country.

At the meeting a large conference to be held this year in Munich with participation of Central Asian companies where Turkmen delegates were also invited, was announced.

Experts from Germany noted that an important sphere of mutual relations is agriculture and further development of partnership in the field of agricultural machinery deliveries to Turkmenistan. It will promote goods turnover and its increase between two countries.