Invest wisely: the next facilities of state property will be sold by auction

Invest wisely: the next facilities of state property will be sold by auction

The Ministry of Finance and Economy is holding a regular auction on September 30 for the sale of state property. ORIENT draws readers’ attention to the most interesting and potentially profitable lots.

One of the most notable facilities against the general background that will be offered at the auction is the Koyten Recreation Center of the Turkmenabat Hotel Trust (lot No. 43). The starting price for a building with a total area of ​​1 million 944 square meters will be 1 million 390 thousand 468 manats.

The potential of the recreational industry in Turkmenistan is very high, and the state has high hopes for business that can significantly contribute to development of this area. For the same reason, the Avaza Tourist Zone was transferred to the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. Customer focus and a desire for innovation will help the future owners of the Koyten Recreation Center achieve high performance.

Trade sector

Among the state-owned trade facilities put up at auction, noteworthy are the shopping center in the Balkan Region (lot No. 1), and markets in the Lebap (lot No. 5) and Mary (lot No. 22) Regions.

The shopping center of Balkan is owned by the Esenguly District Consumer Society and is located in the city of the same name. It covers an area of ​​over 700 square meters and will cost the new owner a little over one million Turkmen manats.

The Lebap market is owned by to the Koytendag District Consumer Society and is located in the village of Garlyk. The starting price for a facility with an area of ​​632 square meters was set at 1 million 787 thousand 889 manats.

The “Altyn syahra” market with all the shops, buildings and structures related to it was put up at auction for the second time. Located in the village of Oguzhan, Mary Region, this facility will cost the new owner more than three million manats.

The above sites were built relatively recently, which makes them attractive in terms of investment. At the same time, the “recency” significantly increased their starting price at the auction. However, sales outlets, which can then be profitably rented out, will quickly pay off.

Production facilities

Production facilities, including two bakeries, a confectionery shop, a fruit and vegetable canning shop will also arouse the interest among the auction participants.

Entrepreneurs are offered to buy out the bakery and pasta shop of the Hojambaz District Consumer Society in the Lebap Region (lot No. 12) for only 59 thousand 846 manats.

Our list also includes a number of facilities under the general lot No. 23 such as the bakery No. 1, a shop for the production of confectionery, sausages, pasta and soft drinks. All these facilities are located in one residential area, in the city of Bayramali, Mary Region. In accordance with the versatility, the starting price for the lot is more than 1 million 178 thousand manats.

Entrepreneurs can also pay attention to a shop for canning fruits and vegetables in Sayat District of the Lebap Region (lot No. 13). ORIENT previously wrote that the processing of vegetables and fruits is one of the most promising areas of the domestic agribusiness, which promotes the economic development of the whole country.

Concerning prices

The cheapest lot is the Garashsyzlyk Consumer Society’s store in the Mary Region (lot 20). Its starting price is only 5 thousand 621 manats.

The most expensive lot is the Specialized Construction and Installation Department No. 13 of the Lebapgurlushyk Production Association (lot No. 39). It will cost at least 7.3 million manats.