International Theater Festival opens in Ashgabat

International Theater Festival opens in Ashgabat

The National Drama Theater of Turkmenistan hosted the opening ceremony of the III International Theater Festival.

The square in front of the theater became the venue of the colorful dance performance with participation of creative groups of the country. The festive welcoming ceremony of foreign guests was featured with music, national food and friendly wishes for success.

As good friends, participants of the festival greet each other. There are welcome greetings in different languages: “salaam”, “good morning”, “hello”. The Ashgabat Festival gathered 14 theaters from 12 countries.

In the official part of the ceremony on the stage of the Main Drama Theater, a congratulatory address of President Berdimuhamedov to the delegates of the creative forum was read out.

Then the groups of foreign theaters were given the opportunity to stage a small scene and announce their performances. The atmosphere of joy in the hall gave many positive emotions to everyone gathered.

– Good afternoon! The Bryansk Regional Puppet Theater welcomes you. Thanks to all the organizers of the festival for the invitation. Today we witnessed the bright and colorful opening ceremony of the festival. Now we want not only to sing, but also to dance,” the theater troupe representing the Russian Federation addresses the participants from the stage.

Actors and directors from different countries invite everyone to visit the festival of creativity.

As part of the celebration events, an exhibition dedicated to theatrical art was launched at the Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition presents the scale models of performances, historical costumes and scenery created by Turkmen artists-designers. The exhibition will run until the closing of the festival on November 23.

The first day program includes two events – the Makhtumkuli Performance at the National Drama Theater of Turkmenistan named after Alp Arslan and the Pagliacci Opera with the participation of artists of Turkmenistan and Italy at the Turkmen National Music and Drama Theater named after Makhtumkuli.

There are still many surprises ahead.  Meanwhile, enjoy some moments from the opening ceremony of the festival in our photo gallery.