International experts noted progress in Turkmen television

International experts noted progress in Turkmen television

A member of the Academy of Russian Television, a professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Anna Kachkaeva, noted the progress achieved by Turkmen television in recent years.

“Advertising has appeared on national channels, the quality of broadcasts has improved,” the expert said at an OSCE seminar on modernizing media legislation and implementing reforms in this field that started in Ashgabat.

The expert has several times addressed the Turkmen audience with a lecture on the modernization of the media. Now the owner of the Russian national television award “TEFI” plans to become more familiar with the online publications of Turkmenistan.

It was the issue of online media regulation, new trends and challenges in the field of media in the digital space that its lecture was devoted to.

– Internet publications should proceed from the fact that the content they create was interesting and understandable to the audience. To do this, you should be able to submit the news briefly and without any official information, as well as expressively, that is, a corresponding picture is necessary, she said.

Being digital media means updating in real time in order to survive in a new environment where the user has the ability to consume information at a convenient time for him. Online content can not only correspond to the interests of the target audience, but also be created taking into account specific requests for each individual user.

Digital technologies create new challenges for traditional media – new communication formats, new languages.

Another international expert, Mamuka Andguladze, who is the founder of the Georgian Media Law Institute, spoke about media legislation, digital rights and freedom.