International Eco-drawing Contest “Children All Over the World Are Friends”

International Eco-drawing Contest “Children All Over the World Are Friends”

Climate change is one of the major modern challenges. To address the global issues, various ecology experts are invited, international conferences are organized and creative competitions are held that are to assist in search of alternative ways.

The educational institution “National Centre of Artistic Creativity of Children and Youth” under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus are carrying out the 7th International Contest of Children Creativity “Children All Over the World Are Friends” on climate change issue.

The project is aimed not only to strengthen international contacts and mutual understanding between children, but also to draw attention to environment challenges and the form the felling of responsibility of the young generation for the environment.

Children from 4 to 16 years of age are invited to take part in the contest. The themes of this year contest are “Eco-fact”, “Eco-advises: save the planet” and “My green planet”.

The international contest was established in 2006, and since its, over 14 thousand works have been sent from Turkmenistan over 14 years. This year, children from the Ashgabat Art School named after Byashim Nurali will also take part.

The works of the students of the Byashim Nurali School were displayed in many countries, including India, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Germany, Pakistan, Iran, Finland, Japan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. At every exhibition, they were awarded with medals, diplomas, certificates of honor, which are shown in the museum of the school.

The deadline to accept works is April 01, 2020.