«Interdruzhba» – a dialogue without borders

«Interdruzhba» – a dialogue without borders

All know what friendship is. It is a basis of bases of human mutual relations and its higher display – friendship between people when people do pay attention neither to skin colour, nor to difference in culture, finding numerous spiritual commonalities.

Social-ethnic human relations of different nationalities help to make a number of surprising discoveries and familiarize with history and traditions of people. And who else if not the student’s youth trained outside of their native land, can make a unique portrait of their native land, telling their fellow students about customs of ancestors and about many other things.

Student of the Dagestan State Agrarian University Roksana Agavelyan is from sunny Turkmenistan. The girl studies at the faculty of biotechnology and studies cultivation of agricultural animals.

For the foreign students trained in the Republic of Dagestan, in 2017 at the Friendship House the Union of International Students “Interdruzhba”, whose purpose is the strengthening of international brotherly relations, was created. The chairman of the social council “Friendship” Badrudin Ibragimov is sure that the union’s activity allows creating the favourable environment for a spiritual, creative and cultural dialogue.

The life of the modern student is not only study, but also public work. Being the co-chairman of the Union of international students of “Interdruzhba”, Roksana Agavelyan told about its work:

– Our union promotes socio-cultural adaptation of foreign students. We carry out any actions directed to the improvement of mutual understanding and establishment of confidential contacts between students of foreign states.

– To the celebration of Day of national unity of Russia at the 12th school of the city of Makhachkala a friendship lesson where I with pleasure told about the richest stories of native Turkmenistan, was conducted. I showed photos of white marble coated Ashgabat, picturesque Avaza and an undying gas crater in Darvaza which carries the name «Light of the Kara Kum». Children also liked very much our national clothes. Together with me one more active worker of “Interdruzhba” – student Fattah Ibrahimi from Afghanistan told about his country.

Participation in the Interdruzhba International Students’ Union brings to students a great number of positive impressions. So, members of the association took part in the International Youth Forum «Caspian sea – 2018» where they had a possibility to put forward the initiatives, to talk about development of volunteerism and about civil -patriotic education.

Students give great attention also to the senior generation, spending for veterans of the Great Patriotic War creative meetings. The brotherly people are forever connected by common history about which one should not forget.

Selbi Charyeva