Interactive touch panels from a Turkmen manufacturer – for study and presentations

Interactive touch panels from a Turkmen manufacturer – for study and presentations

The Turkmen IT-Company Agzybirlik tilsimaty presented an innovative interactive panel at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Ashgabat. The device includes three functions. It can be used as a regular TV, as a computer monitor, and as an interactive whiteboard. The touch screen works without the aid of a spotlight. It has a built-in processor and Wi-Fi router, which makes the product more attractive.

In an interview with the ORIENT reporter, the company’s representative, Software Department Senior Technician Guvanch Durdyev informed that the multimedia board will go on sale at the end of December this year.

He also told about the characteristics of the product. The monitor is available in 4 sizes: 43, 55, 75 and 98 inches. Specifications: Intel Core i3, Windows 10 operating system, 1Tb hard drive, 4GB RAM. The USB connector on the monitor allows the user to independently load files in all formats used for e-books, as well as graphic files of any extensions, into the device’s memory.

More details about the parameters can be found on the website The developers hope that such an innovative panel will find application in universities and schools for interactive teaching, and will be used for presentations, video conferencing and in many other areas.

The Agzybirlik tilsimaty Joint Venture was established in 2018 by the Computer Technology Center of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan and the Chinese Companies Hengsheng Lianhua Investment Management Co., Ltd and Tongfang Hongkong Limited.