Inter-Afghan negotiations are moving to Samarkand

Inter-Afghan negotiations are moving to Samarkand

One of the participants of the talks, held in the capital of Qatar, told “First TV” Afghan TV channel that the participants of the inter-Afghan peace negotiations – official Kabul and the “Taliban” movement – will move from Doha to Samarkand.

The exact date of the talks is not determined yet – it is only reported that they will be held in 3-4 weeks.

Mass media also quoted GFR special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan (Germany financed the meeting in Doha) Marcus Potzel, who told pressmen something vague, but close to the abovementioned: the future meeting may take place in Uzbekistan.

Many people want to figure in history as a place where “the war has been finally finished”. So, Afghan journalists, citing Tolo News local television channel inform that Norway suggested to host inter-Afghan negotiations, promising the most splendid conditions for negotiations.

The previous inter-Afghan conference, held in Qatar’s capital Doha from 7 to 8 July, was participated by more than 60 representatives of Afghanistan, including members of the Taliban radical movement.

In a joint statement, published following the results of the talks, it was noted that the parties agreed to “reduce civilian casualties to zero” and to ensure Afghan women their basic rights in political, social, economic affairs, education and culture within the framework of the Islamic value system. However, the document is not binding and is considered as the basis for future negotiations on a final peace agreement between the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan.

The participation of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries in the region in the negotiation process may be only welcomed. The transfer of the talks’ venue to Central Asia should facilitate the favorable course of the inter-Afghan dialogue with the earliest conclusion of the relevant agreements.

Because the neighbor, like no other, knows the needs and aspirations of the war-weary Afghan people. At the same time, it should be noted that Qatar and the Central Asian countries, persistently promoting the idea of inter-Afghan reconciliation all these years, play very special role in this process.