Innovative Video Analytics System for lectures is presented in Ashgabat

Innovative Video Analytics System for lectures is presented in Ashgabat

Digitalization of education is one of the main trends of modernization of the social sphere of Turkmenistan. Auditorium in a modern University is a room equipped with the latest-standard technological developments, one of which are mini-cameras that broadcast lectures on a wide screen or on several platforms at once.

Thanks to such technique, conferences and seminars can be held in streaming mode – online broadcast. And additional functions allow to synchronize data transfer to Internet resources.

At the “Turkmentel-2019” exhibition, held in Ashgabat, Sony company presented a unique system of video analytics, with the help of which teachers’ lectures in real time become more effective.

– We annually take part in exhibitions and scientific conferences, held in Turkmenistan. Up to date, our company has introduced the latest technology of intelligent video analytics in Ashgabat, – says Sergey Pak, a leading engineer of technological support. – This device is like a small “box”, which includes many convenient functions. The key inquiry for such developments comes from the educational sector, where large-scale training events are often held with a large audience of students.

The REA-C1000 smart system, connected to the camera, located in the auditorium, is able to analyze video using artificial integrity. The “electronic brain” distinguishes faces, movements, colors and shapes of objects.

Like an operator, the programmed system tracks out the speaker’s movements. The video processor works with several modes: extracting handwritten notes on the board, switching to close ups by gestures, showing the speaker on any background and framing.

The REA-C1000 emphasizes a separate layer that “floats” in front of the speaker writing on the board: formulas, text, or diagrams. Notes are displayed in the foreground, the speaker does not obstruct the written review, while remaining open to the audience. If someone gets up to speak in the auditorium, the system automatically shows him in close up.

Taking steps towards digital education, modern society recovers a new model of education, where a modern student from any corner of the world can attend lectures in the most prestigious universities online.