Indian charms in Ashgabat – mysticism or a souvenir?

Indian charms in Ashgabat – mysticism or a souvenir?

How many among us are those who are passionately passionate about some kind of hobby or creative activity. We have already talked about amateur artists, writers and people who have all sorts of unique talents and present their works at various venues. But there are those who do not strive for publicity, but create interesting and vibrant things.

Angelina Pankratova – an ordinary girl, from an early age engaged in creative hand made work.

– Previously, I was fond of beadwork, made various decorations and gave them to friends. But once I tried to weave an amulet – the so-called “Dream Catcher”, and it captivated me so much that I still can not stop. For me this is some kind of mysterious process, – says Angelina.

“Dreamcatcher” is an ancient Native American amulets, which in our time received a new life. They are hung over the bed in order to protect the sleeping person from evil spirits (many Indian tribes believed that in a dream one could steal a person’s soul or damage him).

Of course, not everyone believes in the magical properties of dream traps. But this does not affect the growth of their popularity.

– For the most part, people order them simply as a gift, a souvenir, without attaching importance to its “sacred power.” In fact, it very rarely happens when a person, really tormented by nightmares, asks to weave him a miraculous talisman.

Just think about what forces are invested in the work of one such order. After all, this is not just a circle braided with multi-colored ropes. Each color has its own meaning and each drawing carries a meaning and a good wish

– For example, there is a traditional “dream catcher”. A wooden ring is the circle of your life, and the strings are its lines. What is inside the ring means the sun and moon. The addition is feathers and beads representing air and earth, ”explains Angelina.

The talisman “acts” very simply, you need to hang it above the bed and according to popular beliefs, bad dreams will be stuck in its woven web. Believe it or not in such mysticism is everyone’s business. But in any case, such a little thing is both a wonderful gift and decoration in the house.

Angelina also did not leave beadwork. Now she makes whole compositions from beads, and also teaches needlework to children who run to her classes with great pleasure.

“The main thing is to do everything in a good mood, because the thoughts and feelings that you experience are somehow transmitted to what you create,” says Angelina.

This is probably why her “dream catchers” disperse so quickly – because they are charged with the positive and creative energy of their author.