In the world of sports: Ronaldo’s reflections, VAR and pictures in Instagram

In the world of sports: Ronaldo’s reflections, VAR and pictures in Instagram

Any sport is a desire to overcome yourself, defeat your rival and set new records and achievements. You can treat yourself more or less critically, or you can, as for example, the forward of the Turin “Juventus” Cristiano Ronaldo, be confident in his complete excellence. The famous Portuguese said,

“Are there any players who set more records than me? I don’t think!”.

The 34-year-old player recently signed a new 4-year contract with the Turin club and immediately baffled his fans with thoughts on leaving the sport,

“Maybe I’ll finish my career next year. But I can also play until I’m 40 or 41. I don’t know, I always tell to enjoy the moment!”

As we can see complete uncertainty and intrigue. That’s this mysterious nation – the Portuguese.

And here, where really record is a victory of the South Korean Lee Tuk Hee in 1/32 finals of the Winston-Salem Open tournament. He became the first tennis hearing-impaired player, who won in a match of the main draw of the ATP tournament.

The athlete is deaf since the childhood, to his aspiration to be engaged in tennis, generally, trainers had a skeptical attitude. And if it was not for the insistence of his parents, he wouldn’t become a professional on the court.

In other words, what would we do without our parents?

Maria Sharapova, who recently stated that her only childhood idol was her mother, who had a huge impact on the formation of Masha both as a person and as an athlete, is fully aware of this fact.

A brilliant forward of “Liverpool” Mohamed Salah sulked at the referees, viewing video replays of controversial points in the matches of the English Premier League, and then confessed why he did not like the system of video assistance to referees (VAR).
According to the Egyptian, before the game looked more exciting than with the use of high technology.

“I always say I don’t like VAR. I like football the way it is: with mistakes of judges and sometimes with aggression from players. I think that sometimes we should protect the players from a dangerous game. And that’s the only thing VAR is useful for. This is my opinion,” revealed Salah.

But the VAR introduction does not prevent him from the pharaohs’ country to remain the key player in his club and score 70 goals in a hundred matches! And, by the way, to make a lot of assists.

Russian skaters do not stop training even in summer, and regularly posting photos in Instagram, such as Alina Zagitova. An untrained person will be put ill at ease: 3 sets of 20 times in the exercise on the press, 3-4 sets of 15-20 exercises with a weight and 3 sets of 10-15 times in exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back on the simulator.

Well, apparently, to defuse the situation a little, the sportswoman posted a video of feeding ducks in the pond. To make it more meltingly a tiny dog is nearby.

And American Ronda Rousey, being familiar to us with performances in mixed martial arts (MMA), puts to Instagram another kind of pictures.

The fearless athlete seriously sinks into a reverie about the career of a movie star and has already been in such films as “Expendables 3” and “Furious 7”. On the “911” TV show Ronda was out of luck, and she shut her finger in a door.

Certainly, she was immediately taken to the hospital, where all the necessary procedures were undertaken, but in spite of the pain to share photo of the bandaged finger in the network is a holy cause.

Looking back, Ronda Rousey is 32 years old and she has the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) belt in bantamweight. There are 14 battles under her belt (12 wins and 2 losses).