In the world of sports: Fenmale referees? Bravo, Claudio, Bravo! Charity, Rammstein and others

In the world of sports: Fenmale referees? Bravo, Claudio, Bravo! Charity, Rammstein and others

Nothing lasts forever in this world … The Russian tennis ace, Maria Sharapova announced her split with her Sweden coach Thomas Hogstedt. She has been under the Sweden, Hogstedt, since 2018 and before that, Sharapova trained with him from 2011 to 2013.

The plans of the specialist to begin cooperation with the Swedish tennis player Rebecca Peterson are among the reasons of split.

Well, maybe that’s the right way …

Last time, 32-year-old Sharapova has recently been faced with recurrences of old sports injuries and misfortunes on the court. Hope that the change of a coach would be for a favor of her.

We would like to say loudly “Bravo!” to a goalkeeper for Premier League club Manchester City Claudio Bravo. After all, he proved that even a person who lives the eventful life of a professional football player, who has no free time between matches and training, can find an opportunity for charity. Only thing you need is desire.

The Chilean footballer anonymously bought four new houses for families made homeless by wildfires that ravaged his native Chile in 2017. Almost 3,000 fires razed to the ground over a million acres and destroyed more than 1,000 buildings.

We can only give applauses to the football player, who has made 119 appearances by the Chilean national team and has been playing for the English championship since 2016.

Everybody loves to dream about something, regardless of age, gender and employment. The difference is that someone dreams about something unreachable, while someone, like the 27-year-old Jessica Andrade, Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Champion, dreams exclusively of upcoming sports victories.

The female mixed martial artist, currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), an American mixed martial arts promotion company based in Las Vegas, said that she wants super fight with UFC flyweight champ, Valentina Shevchenko.

Let us wish good luck to the ferocious Jessica at such difficult and spectacular sports.

Rammstein group that had already held a concert on the eve in the city on the Neva, invited to a home match between Zenith FC and Krasnodar FC.

According to Alexander Medvedev, Director General of Zenith FC, to ensure the absolute full house on Saturday’s match, the arena would be shaken by the legendary world-famous Rammstein group.

Although, for the sake of objectivity, we should note that matches with the participation of Zenith are held in full stands event without the presence of Germans metal-group.

Football fans all around the world are counting down the hours that remained until the start of the UEFA Super Cup final. There are three reasons.
Firstly, matches of such a high level permanently attract the attention of even those who are not interested in a football at all.

Secondly, on August 14, two English grand clubs – Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC – will meet in an irreconcilable battle at Beşiktaş Park in Istanbul.

Thirdly, the history will be made at the UEFA Super Cup, as female officials will take charge of the encounter. This will be the first time that a female official takes charge of a major UEFA men’s competition event.

UEFA is breaking new ground by appointing Stéphanie Frappart to referee the UEFA Super Cup on 14 August. Frappart will lead a team made up mostly of female officials. She will be accompanied by Manuela Nicolosi of France and Michelle O’Neill from the Republic of Ireland who will be the assistant referees for the match.

Female referees in postmodern football are appointed often. However, in any case – no matter that she proves that she is one of the best female referees or she fails – the participation at such crucial UEFA match would certainly write the name Frappart in the history of the most popular game on the planet.

And finally. Football fans, particularly those living on a peninsula divided by North and South 38 parallel, are looking forward to October 15, when the national teams of South Korea and North Korea will meet on the qualifying path to the 2022 World Cup in Pyongyang, capital of North Korea.

The interesting fact that South Korea’s men’s team last played at the North Korean capital for a friendly in 1990, almost thirty years ago.

If there would have been more such matches and, who knows, maybe many conflicts between nations would have disappeared.

Indeed, Pierre de Coubertin was absolutely right with beautiful poem “Ode to Sport”: “Oh, sport! You are the world!