In the regime of self-isolation, residents of the Russian region do distant traveling in Ashgabat

In the regime of self-isolation, residents of the Russian region do distant traveling in Ashgabat

The online project of the regional library for children and offers helps a virtual tour to residents of the Ivanovo region. Due to the self-isolation regime introduced in Russia during the pandemic of the new coronavirus, libraries, museums and theaters switched to a remote format.

And in order to literally not sit in one place, in one of the most popular libraries in the city of Ivanovo, readers were invited to travel the world. The project was called – “Capitals on the pages.”

Of course, you don’t have to cross borders, putting yourself and others at risk, but the impressions are very colorful. The project participants are offered not books, but videos edited based on materials from countries from the “Literature in Foreign Languages” hall.

Three times a week in social networks represent video business cards of the states. Correspondence trips have already taken place in Paris, London, Berlin, Prague and Tokyo. And today, at the request of readers, they were invited to Ashgabat.

“We invite you for a short tour of the capital of Turkmenistan. Check out our group. We use literature from the library’s funds,” Evgeni Pivnenko addressed on behalf of the project.

The melody of the Turkmen anthem shows the views of palaces, mosques and monuments, museums and fountains, a huge children’s amusement park and railway station. On one of the frames, the flag of Turkmenistan proudly flies on a giant flagpole.

In two minutes, the authors manage to imagine the white marble city in all its glory – against the backdrop of mountains, in the sunset rays, in the light of evening illumination. The authors of the project tell not only about the “city of love”, Ashgabat, noting that it is one of the hottest in the world, but also the language of Turkmens, national currency and even cuisine, in which there are “a huge number of varieties of soups”. “Nowhere else will you encounter such dishes,” promise the readers of the Ivanovo library.

The project “Capitals on the pages” turned out to be not only intercultural, but also without exaggeration international. This is not a tourist business card, but an occasion for acquaintance and, most importantly, communication. With people around the world, which, despite the borders, is always open to the influence of cultures, interest in traditions.

The videos collect hundreds of views and watch them not only in the Ivanovo region. Under a video on Tokyo, for example, Michiaki Okamoto left a comment with hieroglyphs: “I am very grateful to you for your interest in Japan.”

Now there are a lot of such projects in the library: thanks to the project #Available_classics, each reader is given the opportunity to listen to the classics performed by the staff of the institution, in the section “Autographs have spoken …” – to get acquainted with the author’s inscriptions on books that appeared in the fund after meetings with writers, theater artists every day read fairy tales under the project # Quiet Hour Kornovatka, and the Mayak robot conducts a quiz among the best connoisseurs of fairy tales.

A few years ago, “House on Krutitskaya”, as the library is also called, spent a series of evenings dedicated to different countries. Including Turkmenistan. At the meeting, which was facilitated by the Turkmen diaspora, they not only “talked and showed”, but also treated the guests to fragrant pilaf, camelthorn tea, fitchi and, of course, pishme.


Member of Interethnical Journalism Guild, Ivanovo, Russia.