In memory of Annageldy Djulgayev: the 90th Anniversary of birth of leading figure of Turkmen music was celebrated in Ashgabat

In memory of Annageldy Djulgayev: the 90th Anniversary of birth of leading figure of Turkmen music was celebrated in Ashgabat

The concert hall of the Turkmen National Conservatory hosted a concert in memory of Annageldy Djulgayev, who would have celebrated the 90th Anniversary of birth.

The concert looked like a creative meeting that gathered many fans and admirers of this outstanding musician, his friendsincluding famous cultural figures. They shared memories of him, spiritual stories and those sincere, deep feelings that they had in their hearts when Annageldy Djulgayev played on his gidjak.

People’s writer of Turkmenistan Bayram Djutdiyev, film director Halmammed Kakabayev and actress Gulshirin Alijanova, artists Akmurad Charyyev and Muhammetdurdy Muhammetniyazov, as well as famous poets, journalists, art experts, researchers and musicians gave a speech during the concert.

In addition, the works of the painter Izzat Klychev, including a portrait of Annageldy Djulgayev, were presented, and several videos about the brilliant virtuoso – the performer who played the national instrument gidjak, composer, director and chief conductor of the Turkmen Folk Instruments Orchestra named after Purli Saryyev – and about his creative heritage were shown.

For long and extraordinary fruitful work, he was awarded by such state awards as the Anniversary Medal “Makhtumkuli Fragi”, the order of “Altyn Asyr”, third degree, and the medal “For the love of the Fatherland”. He is also the winner of the International Award named after Makhtumkuli.

Annageldy Djulgayev became one of the founders of the school of professional – solo instrument gidjak. He continued and developed the traditions of his ancestors, who were famous musicians of the time.

For example, Sary-bakhshy, his grandfather, was wonderful singer, Purli Saryyev, his uncle, was famous dutar player and songwriter-composer, one of the creators of the Turkmen Folk Instruments Orchestra. Uncle Oraz and Uncle Nury were also excellent gidjak players.

The creative way of Annageldy Djulgayev began in the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War. As a teenager, in January 1942, he joined the Folk Instruments Orchestra of the Turkmen State Philharmonic Society under the direction of Grigoriy Markovich Arakelyan and Purli Saryyev.

Soon the young and talented musician becomes the soloist of the orchestra and conductor assistant, and then – the artistic director and chief conductor. Having mastered the folk and orchestral varieties of gidjak, by his hard work, he turned the accompanying instrument into a solo, raising it to symphonic heights!

For this, he made arrangement variations of many Turkmen folk melodies, as well as world classic music, in particular, violin music. “Carmen” by Georges Bizet, “The Dance of Anitra” by Edvard Grieg, works by A.N.Rimsky-Korsakov, P.I.Tchaikovsky, Aram Khachaturian are among them. For the folk orchestra, he also made arrangements of compositions by Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tajik, and Azerbaijani composers.

In collaboration and co-creation with famous Turkmen composers, such as Velimuhamed Muhadov, Ashir Kuliyev, Chary Nurymov, Amandurdy Agadjikov, Nury Muhadov, Durdy Nuryyev, Rejp Rejepov and others, Annageldy Djulgayev significantly enriched the repertoire for the solo gidjak, and the Turkmen Folk Instruments Orchestra.

In 1957, at the international competition of folk performers in Moscow, he took the second place. As a soloist and conductor of the orchestra, he performed concerts in many countries of the world: Afghanistan, Iran, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, China, Algeria, Canada and other countries in America, Europe and Asia, everywhere conquering listeners with the unusual playing and sound of the ancient musical instrument of the Turkmen nation.

The concert in the memory of the leading figure was opened by the Folk Instruments Orchestra of the Turkmen National Conservatory. The team under the direction of the conductor, Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Omar Igamov performed the works of Annageldy Djulgayev “Hello youth” and “Music for the gopuz” (“Gopuzly saz”). The gopuz part was performed by Oguljeren Byashimova.

Other compositions by Djulgayev were also performed, including the songs “Waiting for you, darling” performed by the group “A Cappella” and “You are blooming, beauty”, which were sung by Byashimgeldy Sapardurdyyev. Music lovers also heard the arrangement of the folk music “Nergiz” by Grigoriy Arakelyan (solo by Osman Gudjimov) and the variation of the folk melody “Bady saba” by Annageldy Djulgayev (the solo by Vepamurad Odayev).