In love with his native places: the artist Mammetnurov and his confessions in paintings

In love with his native places: the artist Mammetnurov and his confessions in paintings

The Museum of Fine Arts in Ashgabat opened an exhibition of works by Ovezmuhammed Mammetnurov – a national artist, famous museologist, designer, candidate of historical sciences and director of the State Museum of Turkmenistan.

About 300 paintings are presented to the public: landscapes, sketches, still lifes, portraits. Many works are dedicated to the small homeland of the painter, which was, is and will be his main source of inspiration.

– Native places fill with love, nourish with power, give warmth and delight to the soul, – says the artist. – The morning dawn, the twittering of birds, the thrill of foliage and the cares of people – the village inspires me with its music of life, simple and wise.

After graduating from the Ashgabat Art College, Ovezmuhammed Mammetnurov began working as a stage designer at the Turkmen Opera and Ballet Theater. But dreaming of discovering new opportunities and horizons, he goes to enter the Kharkov Art and Industrial Institute as a designer.

– No matter where I study, my father, Mammetnur Mugally, always remains my main teacher. He devoted 55 years of his life to teaching the Turkmen language and literature,” the painter says, confessing that his father’s upbringing has become for him the main “university”

Ovezmuhammed Mammetnurov is a recognized master and an authoritative person, an active public figure, but he retained some youthful thrill and delight in life, and this does not allow him to stop in his work, he is always on the lookout. Wherever he went on a trip – on a long business trip abroad or on an expedition around the country, he always takes pencils and albums with him, hoping that there will be free time for sketching.

This is also from his youth, when he, being at the construction of BAM in the 80s, in a 40-degree frost, made sketches with a piece of charcoal, since it was impossible to paint with paints.

“I have known Ovezmuhammed since the 70s,” says sculptor Saragt Babaev. – We were classmates at an art school and constantly competed in creativity, spurred on each other. Compared to me, Ovez has a good command of the word, he can find a common language with any person. I am glad that our friendship is alive and together we have come a long creative way.

In a welcoming speech to the visitors of the exhibition during the opening ceremony, Ovezmuhammed Mammetnurov wished his artist brothers to never stop, not to betray their profession. After all, art is meant to illuminate human hearts.