In Europe they want to make cheese and ice-cream from camel milk

In Europe they want to make cheese and ice-cream from camel milk

The camel farm in Lower Saxony, unique in Germany is the first to have obtained the preliminary permit for sale of camel milk in EU where there is a demand both for fresh raw materials and for processing products, informs the site

More in detail Alfons Deter tells about it in the article on the portal .

«Taste of camel milk practically does not differ from the one of fresh cow milk. The structure is very similar to human breast milk. The camel milk contains little fat and sugar, but it is a lot of vitamins (especially vitamin C), iron and calcium. In it there is no beta casein or beta-lactoglobulin, but it is a lot of lactoferrin.

The family of Markward operates a farm in Hiddingen in area Rotenburg / Wümme where in an economy besides 60 camels, there are also other animals: llamas, alpaca, horses, zebras, donkeys and kangaroo.

The first camel appeared on the farm in 1992 and today, after more than 25 years, the economy has turned into a unique camel farm for riding, cultivations and manufacture of camel milk.

For today it is a unique farm for manufacture of camel milk in Germany. For sale in Europe it is necessary to be pasteurized and also to get permission for sale. While the temporary permission is given, in November it is expected to give a permanent permission.

Already there are inquiries from manufacturers of ice-cream from Berlin, and also from manufacturers of cheese from Austria».

On the site owners of the farm it is informed that cost of the camel pasteurised milk makes 11 euros per litre.