In Ashgabat it was lit up like Italians

In Ashgabat it was lit up like Italians

On December 15 the Sunday evening presented residents of Ashgabat with bright and unforgettable emotions – on the stage of the concert hall “Turkmenistan” there was held the incendiary musical program «New Year marked as Italians».

In the hall there were no empty seats, and rolled cameras of ubiquitous mobile phones throughout the concert did not extinguish the sparks – after all everyone would like to carry away with himself for memory the atmosphere of a New Year’s holiday. And though the celebration of the welcoming the New Year is necessary, but thanks to appearing on the stage actors the cheerful celebratory mood was provided by all present.

Among those who came to the concert was a lot of youth and children, and even the smallest fans of music did not take all the evening long their “glowing” eyes from the stage and hopped in armchairs. Not only the smallest! And event adults could hardly remain sitting on their setts.

Italians – the unique people who are famous for «hot temperament», therefore both in the repertoire of the concert program it was possible to hear the best and most characteristic Italian songs of different years. The world famous hit of the star of the 80-ties Toto Cutugno «L’italiano» perfectly was performed by Alexander Kochetova. A favourite song «Mambo Italiano» which spectators so liked to echo, was also sounded.

Besides the Italian compositions, “warm” Christmas melodies became a surprise. And the improvised jokes of a vocal duet of Alexander Kochetov and Maysa Niyazova then found a response in the auditorium, increasing a large quantity of smiles in the hall.

The concert program was so good that it is difficult to single out someone from performers separately. Magnificent Vladimir Mkrtumov by piano, Igor Shevtsov – bass guitar, Timur Orayev by percussion instruments and “sparkling” saxophone of Merdan Yazmuradov – all it was a certain invitation to travel into the Italian New Year’s small streets..

Not ordinary repertoire which is chosen for themselves by musicians of the already strongly developed creative union, with their each performance involves in itself more and more admirers.

According to musicians, the success of the concert depends also on the fact that they always try to choose for themselves those songs, which like. Many compositions of the musical program were executed today for the first time unless Adriano Celentano‘s song «Susanna» more than once became the “highlight” of similar musicales.

The song of Lara Fabien «Adagio», executed by Maysa Niyazova, caused such delight in public that an unceasing applause caused the popular vocalist encore, after all being in the concert hall it seemed to all that the singer enclosed all soul in an infinite stream of unusually beautiful composition and managed with difficult voice parts not worse than Lara.

In Italy there is such tradition – to throw out for the New Year old furniture. And consequently the creative collective acting this evening in the film concert hall “Turkmenistan”, wished the listeners that they have got rid of old “furniture” in all senses. And that in the New Year all at them was in a new fashion!

Selbi Charyeva