In Ashgabat a New Year’s holiday for pensioners was arranged

In Ashgabat a New Year’s holiday for pensioners was arranged

Few days are left for the New Year for which not only children, but also adults as if small children look forward, feeling gladdened at New Year’s gifts.

It was possible to be convinced of it once again, having visited a festive action which was organised by public organisation “Yenme” for older persons together with the Embassy of China in Turkmenistan.

In good time prior to the beginning of celebration it was possible to see pensioners going to its venue dressed in festive attires. Sincerely trusting in miracle, they went to meeting with the main magician – Father Frost.

– It is pleasant to see all this for us. Here we communicate, cheerfully we spend time. I come every year here together with my girl-friends, – 76-year-old Nina Vasilevna tells.

Here all were native each other – told stories from their life, showed photos in phones, shared their secrets. And when time of dances has come, they could not remain sitting on their place – having forgotten about everything, older persons danced to the well-known hits of the 80 and 90-ties with Father Frost, improvised to the Chinese music that they did it not bad.

– There is a Turkmen proverb «Best education – respect for seniors». And the great ancient Chinese philosopher and teacher Mencius told «Respecting your senior relatives, show the same respect for other older persons». By duty of our service we are far from home and we cannot celebrate this holiday with our relatives. Therefore we wanted to share the pleasure of this holiday with you, – Zhao Li, adviser of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Turkmenistan told.

It was possible not only to arrange a real New Year festivity for pensioners, but also to fill their hearts with warmth. After all, the old age should be filled with pleasure.

And what the New Year cannot be without gifts, besides it, it should not be simple, but specially one brought from the Celestial Empire. These are traditional Chinese sweets – a symbol of the Chinese New year.

Ayna Berdiyeva