In a series of “Addresses of Belarus in the World” it is published section with “Turkmen pages”

In a series of “Addresses of Belarus in the World” it is published section with “Turkmen pages”

Zvyazda Belarusian Publishing House published a collection of journalistic essays, which includes the creative works of Turkmen writers Byagul Annabaeva and Maksat Byashimov. The book entitled “Native sky in the heart” contains a large section devoted to the historical, humanitarian and cultural relations of Belarus with the countries of Central Asia.

The new series “Addresses of Belarus in the World” includes sections dedicated to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The Belarusian-Turkmen relations are exposed through the fates of writers, scientists, educators and artists, many of whom traveled to Turkmenistan and left their mark in these places.

Belarusian literary critic Alexander Martinovich dedicated chapters of the book to the orientalist, folklorist and ethnographer Alexander Chodzko, who traveled to the Karakum region in the 19th century. A chapter about the scientist-Turkologist Alexander Poceluevky seems to be no less interesting. A native of the Vitebsk region, the founder of the school of Turkmen studies came to Ashgabat in 1923. Here Belarusian scientist made the first scientific description of the Turkmen language, its phonetics, syntax and dialects.

In the poetic part of the book, Belarusian poets – Maxim Tank, Edi Ognetsvet, Kazimir Kameisha create a lyrical portrait of the Turkmen people in the language of poems.

It should be mentioned that in recent years, Belarusian readers have had the opportunity to get acquainted with the works of Turkmen poets translated into Belarusian and Russian. This is a classic of Turkmen literature Makhtumkuli, writers Agageldy Allanazarov and Kasym Nurbadov.

Prose and poetry by Belarusian authors have also been translated into Turkmen. Books by Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas, Yanka Bryl, Petrus Brovka, Ivan Chigrinov, Valentin Luksha and other Belarusian writers can be found in Ashgabat bookstores.

Two collections of “Addresses of Belarus in the World” published earlier were devoted to “Belarusian addresses” in Russia and Ukraine. This series is aimed to support Belarusian diasporas in different countries. Books of the project, by virtue of its scale, “travel” from one city to the other. So a series “Addresses of Belarus in Central Asia” will be a great gift not only for Belarusian readers, but also for the peoples whose countries are declared in the publication.