In 2020 choose blue colour!

In 2020 choose blue colour!

And not simply blue, and classic blue. It was declared as main “colour” of 2020 by the Pantone Colour Institute – the main coloristic reference point for brands.

But how this choice is made and why blue?

Work for choice of colours of 2020 began in the spring of 2019 when designers started to apply in the works the previous top colour – cheerful coral (living coral). Till the end of autumn the team of Pantone Colour Institute analyses tendencies from podiums, photos from every corner of the globe, studies social networks.

– Each time we wonder: «What message bears this or that colour?», «why people turn to it?», «what they do give them?», – chief executive of Pantone Colour Institute Leatrice Eiseman tells.

Vice-president of the P Pantone Colour Institute Laurie Pressman explained that «around ourselves we search for colours with which we feel comfortable, which do not irritate and cause associations with something natural and present».

And classic blue completely answers inquiries of a society about the forthcoming year – it promotes alarm decrease, broadcasts constancy, reliability and confidence.

Fashionable houses, floral artists, manufacturers of various production will be guided by it and photographers, creating the world overall picture in blue shades.

Altyn Ashyrova