Igor Makarov: “I am sure that there will be champions in Turkmenistan”

Igor Makarov: “I am sure that there will be champions in Turkmenistan”

President Berdimuhamedov received one of the guests at the celebration of the 29th year of Turkmenistan’s independence, expert at the Adviser to the President of Turkmenistan on Oil and Gas Issues, Head of the International Group of Companies ARETI Igor Makarov. During the meeting, the prospects for cooperation in various areas, preparations for the holding in Turkmenistan of the World Track Cycling Championship in 2021 and the World Championship of Road Cycling in 2026 were discussed. Igor Makarov informed the President of Turkmenistan on the status of a number of joint projects.

The ORIENT correspondent could talk to a Russian entrepreneur, who briefly spoke about the events of the past day and answered several questions.

– Today is a wonderful sunny day, and the 29th year of the independence of Turkmenistan, which is native to me, because I was born and grew up here. I am very grateful that on this day the esteemed President found time to meet with me. I reported to him on the work done.

Of course, I congratulated Gurbanguly Myalikgulyevich, the Government and the people of Turkmenistan on this wonderful occasion. I told about our plans, listened to the comments and specific instructions of the head of state. We also exchanged views on the upcoming World Track Cycling Championship next year, and I am sure that Turkmenistan will hold it at the highest level.

I, as a member of the Steering Committee of the International Cycling Union, will, for my part, provide all possible support in this matter.

I am very pleased that the President said that Turkmenistan hopes to host the Road Cycling Championship in 2026 – the most elite tournament in this sport. The President has already provided support in this area, and gave the relevant orders.

This time I have brought the highest award of the International Cycling Union (UCI), which I donated to one of the museums of Turkmenistan. As a native of the country, I am interested in contributing to more significant sporting successes of Turkmenistan.

– But a very interesting, in my opinion, topic for an interview is that Turkmenistan is a country with excellent roads and wonderful weather for development of the road cycling.

– This, of course, is true, because I myself trained here in due time. And what I see now is wonderful weather and a lot of the most modern roads, both flat and mountainous, which meet all world standards.

– And there is an opportunity to train outdoors all year round.

– Sure! Not every country in the world can boast such conditions for athletes.

– Do you think it is possible to grow champions on our land?

– The main thing is to dream and do: everything is achievable in this life. Moreover, the respected President of Turkmenistan likes and supports sports and, I am sure, there will definitely be champions in Turkmenistan. Sports history is moving on.

– Well, thanks! Moreover, if we take into account such an attitude to sports at the high political level.

– Yes, sport is very important, especially in these difficult times. Therefore, I am glad that sports traditions are observed in the country where there are good prospects. I think everything will be fine.

– Well, to conclude our conversation, would you like to express your congratulations on the current holiday?

– I once again congratulate all on this day. I am very glad and immensely grateful that today the President of Turkmenistan does me the honor to receive me. I congratulate all the Turkmen people and you on this wonderful holiday! Happy Holidays!

– Thank you, Igor Viktorovich!