Ideas of original bouquets to the 8th of March

Ideas of original bouquets to the 8th of March

The tradition to give flowers on the occasion of International Women’s Day has become an integral part of the holiday on the 8th of March. And as practice shows, it is pleasant for girls to receive not only flower compositions, but also original bouquets. We offer top 5 creative bouquets which can be collected by your own hands.

An edible bouquet – these “florets” will be to the taste of the sweet tooth. It is made from several bars of chocolate which are fastened to skewers. It will be easy for making by means of an adhesive tape or hot glue. On the back part of the chocolate wrappers for strengthening a little sticky substance is put. When all sweets will be strongly fixed, trunks of sticks are fastened by an adhesive tape between themselves. It is necessary to wrap up only a hand-made article in a flower paper and voila, – the creative bouquet is ready.

A fruit -vegetable bouquet “Borsch” is a source of vitamins for favourite. Having defined with a choice of fruit and vegetables used for the bouquet, it is necessary to make a composition combined in colours. For such original gift will be useful: oranges, peaches, lemons, strawberry, pears, kiwi and others. Bright allsorts will dilute vegetables: Bulgarian pepper, carrots, and ears of corn and cabbage sheets. For piquancy it is possible to add a garlic or onions head. All vegetables-fruits also are fastened to skewers and are decorated by a gift paper.

A bouquet of dried fruits is appetizing enough gift which will be pleasant for all. Nuts give energy and a vivacity charge, the dried apricots is rich in vitamins A,B,C , the dried melon or prunes becomes a quite good flavouring combination for an edible bouquet. The peanut, walnuts, nut, hazel nut, pistachio – any lady will not refuse to crunch the yummy watching her favourite series.

The cosmetic bouquet – each girl, woman, and mum uses cosmetic means. A bouquet consisting of useful trifles is one more creative idea for a gift. To arrange it one can make it from tubes of cream, lipstick, powder, eyeliners, a small bottle of perfume. Everything, what the man’s imagination will be sufficed.

A bouquet of money “Dream” is an original icing on the cake. Everyone dreams of such gift if not, many purposeful persons who instead of wasting money, save them for execution of their cherished dreams. Certainly, the female logic not always gives explanation, but to surprise a young lady with the monetary bouquet presented for realisation of dream, is quite probable.