“I can!”: A new inclusive program was launched in Ashgabat

“I can!”: A new inclusive program was launched in Ashgabat

Training program “I Can!” aimed at supporting youth with disabilities was presented in the capital city of Turkmenistan. The project, developed by experts of the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan and the Yenme Public Organization supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and JA Worldwide, addresses important social problems of one of the most vulnerable groups of the population.

The development of entrepreneurship skills, finding other alternative ways to generate income, self-employment and successful employment and other theses will be discussed in detail during the four-day training.

The program participants will also study the legal aspects in the field of employment of young people with disabilities, and learn to develop social projects. In the future “I Can!” training participants will independently conduct coaching activities and transfer the acquired knowledge to volunteers working with this target group of young people.

Chairman of the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan Yuri Aronsky emphasized the importance of the new program being implemented as part of national efforts to realize the rights of people with disabilities. It is worth reminding that in 2008 Turkmenistan was the first of the Central Asian states to accede to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, adopted on December 13, 2006 by the UN General Assembly.

In 2016, taking concrete steps to empower and fulfill the creative potential, individual labor and entrepreneurial activities of persons with disabilities, the President of Turkmenistan approved an action plan in the field of labor and employment for 2017-2020.

The new inclusive project “I Can!” will help young people with disabilities overcome personal psychological and social barriers. It will allow them to achieve their potential in full and physically adapt in society, participating in its social and economic life.

Welcoming on behalf of international experts the inclusive project organizers and participants, Karina Chupina, a leading trainer and expert consultant at the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, noted that the program “I Can!” has great potential for the public and private sectors of the economy to train social workers, volunteers of non-profit organizations and teaching staff dealing with persons with disabilities.

Today, in the age of information and computer technologies, mobile communication systems, robotic and biotechnological processes, the modern world has a new look at the issues of socialization and labor integration of people with persistent health problems. A full-quality life filled with bright moments is what all people strive for, and a person with disability should not feel abandoned or unable to be employed.