Hyundai proposes to abandon the usual keys for cars

Hyundai proposes to abandon the usual keys for cars

The South Korean car company Hyundai has come up with a new way of cars interacting with smartphones without using the usual ignition key. For this, any smartphone with NFC data transfer technology and a special mobile application, which will be launched this summer, will be suitable.

With the help of the program you can unlock a car and even remotely control some of its functions. Opening the lock is carried out by the presence of modules embedded in the door handles of the car – for this it is enough to bring the smartphone to the door from the driver’s side. In order for the transport to start, you do not need a key for ignition, it is important to have a panel for wireless charging. Thus, the owner, sitting in the car, should put the smartphone on the charging module and simply press the “start” button.

One of the most interesting features is the ability to set different parameters for using the car for each of the owners. For example, set the duration of the train, configure other options that will be available only to the driver, who is sitting behind the wheel.

Also, a cell phone can recognize up to four owners and remember their individual settings: the position of the steering wheel, side mirrors and driver’s seat. Some features will be available via Bluetooth.

The South Korean concern first talked about new opportunities in December 2013. It took several years to develop applications and by the end of 2019 new car models will be announced with the ability to remotely control them.