Humour decorates life: in the Ashgabat museum of fine arts an exhibition of cartoons opened

Humour decorates life: in the Ashgabat museum of fine arts an exhibition of cartoons opened

To find amusing situations in habitual reality, comical – in usual … In it the subtle art of artists-caricaturists consists. Comic drawing is clear for all and is capable to raise a smile at everyone because everyone knows himself or his relatives and familiar people in it. And who else if not artist-caricaturist Atajan Ashyrov knows everything about humour, and even a little more.

Today works of famous illustrator can be seen in the State Museum of Fine Art of Turkmenistan where the exposition of comics and cartoons of Atajan Ashyrov has opened. The name of the caricaturist has become widely known in the early 1970-ties, thanking to his bright and witty pictures, made laugh even the most prejudiced critics.

– I began to draw during my school years, – Atajan tells. – I noted the most ridiculous moments of our childhood, produced a school wall newspaper. Children recognized themselves at once in its pictures and laughed. I drew cheerful comics and in the army, after service in which I decided to enter an art school.

Having finished the school, Atajan Ashyrov became interested in philology and became a student of Turkmen state university, but did not quit drawing. On the contrary, his works found in due course even more perfected and flashing style. The artist worked in the satirical magazine “Tokmak”, and his drawings occupied prize-winning places at many international exhibitions.

– Without humour it is impossible to live, – his colleague, artist Mejek Charyev says. – Frenchmen say: «Humour is, eventually, mind». And each satirical composition demands laborious work. When we studied together with Atajan Ashyrov, we were taught to dream, see something “sharp” in the simplest thing. Sometimes we did not sleep the whole nights, inventing original cartoons and comics. Humour only decorates our life.

The talented person – is talented in everything, and artist-caricaturist Ashyrov can serve an example for it. His skill is not limited to creation of exclusively comics and cartoons. Atajan-aga makes sculptures and from … what you would think? From – pumpkins!

– Pumpkins are what I was presented in childhood, – Ashyrov smiles. – During hard post-war time there was nothing to make tableware especially. We did cups from pumpkin, spoons, and vessels for oil storage. Seven or eight varieties of pumpkin were suitable for making vessels for storage of water, tools and many other things. And once I made from pumpkin a starling house, and all school ran to look at my starling-house.

As a great visionary and inventor, Atajan is always full of ideas. He is sure that the most important thing is to find a theme for creativity, the rest will come itself. Even the artist supplements his surprising landscapes with hand-made articles from pumpkin. The white swans which stiffened in flight are attached to picturesque canvases as if fluttered out of a surprising fairy tale.