Human-heated buildings

Human-heated buildings

On Rue Beaubourg, in the very center of Paris, since 2015 one of the buildings has been heated by heat from the nearest metro station. The air temperature in the subway is about 10 degrees higher than outside. “This heat mainly comes from people and from trains”, says the French specialist who developed this heart transfer system.

The Paris project is not unique. Various innovative energy-saving projects are emerging around the world to reduce carbon emissions.

So, at the heavily crowded central metro station of Stockholm there are about 250 000 people a day. The heat is used to heat a nearby 17-storey building called Kungsbrohuset.

Train stations are not the only public places where large numbers of people are used for heating. 109 000 people who visit a new shopping center in Minnesota, (USA) daily, generate enough energy to maintain a comfortable temperature in the building throughout the winter without central heating.