How to prepare for the coronavirus vaccination

How to prepare for the coronavirus vaccination

No special preparation is required before the coronavirus vaccination but moral readiness is. This was stated by chief physician of the city polyclinic No. 2 of the Moscow Department of Health Natalya Shindryaeva. According to the expert, there are no dietary restrictions before vaccination.

There are no such restrictions even for blood sampling, except for certain indicators. You need to come to us in a normal psychological state. There is nothing to be afraid of. Meals should be regular, RIA Novosti doctor said, adding that their no need to be vaccinated on an empty stomach.

Shindryaeva told that there are no special requirements for sleep on the eve of vaccination. According to her, the normal and healthy 7-8-hour sleep will be enough. This, among other things, is also the key to good immunity and protection against infections.

Before the vaccination, the doctor assesses the overall physical condition of the person. Vaccination is contraindicated in people with fever heat and other signs of respiratory disease. Everything else is not a limitation, the expert specified.