How to meet 2021, so that the Bull helps

How to meet 2021, so that the Bull helps

New Year opens the door to an unexplored future, and everyone hopes that this future will be better, it will finally fulfill their innermost dreams and desires. These hopes unite all of humanity on the eve of 2021, which people are especially looking forward to.

To make all expectations come true, in the pre-holiday days, many people turn to New Year’s signs, making a decide how to decorate their house, lay the table, dress for a magical night, what gifts to prepare for relatives and friends.

As usual, all this is associated with the symbol of the coming year – the second sign of the Bull in the zodiac cycle. In 2021, it is a White Metal Bull, and the Turkmens always associate white with something good, bright and favorable. In addition, the Bull appreciates family traditions and values, loves hardworking people, and physical activity charges the body with energy and strength.

Astrologers promise that signs for the New Year, 2021, will help attract good luck, love, luck, health, well-being and wealth to a person’s life.

To win the favor of the Bull, they advise: to enter the New Year with a pure heart and an open soul, pay debts, make peace with the person whom you are in a quarrel with, get rid of old things that you do not use.

In order not to anger the symbol of the year, it is better not to use red colors in the decoration of the New Year tree.

2021 totem will be pleased with toys made of natural materials, but not too expensive jewelry, as the Bull does not like squandering. According to tradition, the garland and the main decoration on the top is worn by the owner of the house.

Many women, especially young girls are interested in the question: what to wear on a magical New Year’s Eve?

The host of 2021 loves simplicity and thrift. Therefore, clothing should be chosen not too expensive, giving preference to natural fabrics.

The ideal alternative for men is black or gray trousers and a light shirt.

For women – a beautiful dress in shades of the symbol of the year. And this is white, gray, milky, silver, gold, beige. Relating jewelry, products made of silver and white gold will be suitable with the addition of natural stones.

When making a New Year’s menu, it is advisable to take into account the preferences of the Bull.

Beef and veal are considered as a great taboo! Dishes and sausage consisting of this type of meat can anger the “master” of the year very much.

You should also give up on exotic expensive ingredients, strong alcoholic beverages, and it is desirable to adhere to it all year round.

In order 2021 to be satiated, abundant, it is necessary to prepare a lot of different dishes. The bull likes to eat and it is better if there are a lot of vegetables, fruits, greens, dishes from vegetable products on the festive table.

For meat dishes, it is better to use poultry, pork, rabbit, fish dishes are also welcome.

Mandatory refreshments are natural fruit drinks, juices.

According to astrologers, the host of the year is a big sweet tooth. Therefore, the main decoration of the table will be a large beautiful cake and a variety of sweets.

For serving the table, it is recommended to choose a tablecloth and plates of white color, and covers – silver color. Glasses, decanters can be decorated with silver ribbons. Set beautiful candles in metal candle holders.

Gifts to relatives and friends are recommended to give practical and inexpensive – let’s repeat, the “host” of the year does not like wastefulness.

Metal Bull will be happy if the meeting will take place in a family circle with relatives and friends.

There are signs for the first day of the New Year, 2021: on January 1, you cannot fuss and strain! Since the whole year will be troublesome.

If on the 1st of January, dish or toys from the New Year tree are accidentally broken, then the whole year will be happy!

Waking up, the family members can wipe each other with a large bill, so that the money sticks all year round!

This day, it is good to feed a stray pet. This will bring prosperity and abundance in 2021.

They say that if you follow the signs that have been created for centuries, and believe in the magic of the coming year, the White Metal Bull will help to fulfill all desires.

Let’s check if this is the case.