How to help the kid to cease crying

How to help the kid to cease crying

The crying of the child can be result of painful sensations or stresses. Children’s excitability, tearfulness and emotionality are rather higher than adults. Simply the bark of a street dog can cause the river of tears in the kid. No necessity of speaking about a visit to the dentist. 

Doctors recommend young parents not to forget that the crying for the kid is a usual reaction to any irritating factor. It is not necessary to become angry, if the child cries, after all very often the cry is not the next whim, and a signal about the help.

Ukrainian doctor Alexander Kush recommends young parents, not to struggle with tearfulness independently, urging the child not to cry. It is not necessary as to deride his tears, especially, if it is a matter of the boy. Such education can aggravate the situation, and to natural tearfulness uncertainty of the child and aversion of will be added.

For parents who like the slogan: «Why one should search for the reason? The main thing is he should not cry», the doctor reminds that such relation to the situation will not lead to positive changes. On the contrary, it will aggravate the situation, after all the child will see it as the image of authority washed away and, as consequence, he very quickly begins to manipulate parents.

According to Alexander, five principal causes of children’s crying is weariness, desire to draw to himself attention, and desire to receive compassion, emotional instability, uncertainty in fear.

To help the child to cease crying, the father and mum should define truly the crying reason, and further to operate on the corresponding algorithms.

If the reason of tears – fear, it is necessary to talk about it to the child and thus to begin struggle against negative reaction. Having explained to the child that he is in safe and nothing threatens him, it is possible to eliminate this reason of crying.

If sobbing is caused by desire to draw to himself attention it is necessary simply to try to spend with the kid as much as possible time, and necessity of sobbing to have paid attention, will soon enough disappear. 

In case of crying of babies and children of younger age which is provoked by a painful syndrome (teething, inflammatory processes), after consultation of the attending physician probably application of preparations of phyto genesis will be good. 

It is very important to speak more with the kid, trying to answer all his questions – in such relation the child will always feel that he actually is important and can entrust parents all experiences and alarms.

Often boys even are more vulnerable, than girls. Accordingly, there is nothing terrible in their frequent tears. 

If the child nevertheless roars, it is necessary to show him that to shed tears is a waste of time which is better for using for something interesting or useful, for example, for drawing, moulding from plasticine or the games developing motility.

Never would it be out of place to tell the child that he is good and that parents love him. Often children are afraid of parental condemnation, from here there are also tears. For example, it is because of bad estimation, torn or dirty clothes, and also because of other trifles.