How to decorate the house for the New Year

How to decorate the house for the New Year

Very soon, the year of the Metal Bull will come. Unhurried, self-confident, hardworking – it will replace the White Rat. Metal denotes strength, durability and reliability. The symbol of the year will have such qualities as decency, ability to keep a promise, patience. It is also not out of place to put a statuette with a bull in the house. It has long been believed that the image of a bull attracts wealth, so on the New Year’s Eve you can place a statuette of the coming year’s symbol under the home New Year’s tree.

Since the bull is not too fond of bright colors, designers advise to choose white, gray, purple and lilac colors for home decoration. Toys of just such a color palette should dominate on the tree.

To give the rooms a festive look, it is recommended to use natural materials. For example, dried fruits, balls made of fabric and other decor.

It is better to use clear and sharp shapes for snowflakes in the coming year. It is also recommended to decorate the house with stars made of glass or metal, preferably white.

It is recommended to choose balls of the same size, sole-colored LED garlands. A garland in a bottle will look original. Depending on the glass color, interesting lighting effects can be achieved. It is advisable to purchase a battery-powered garland model for this option of creating a festive atmosphere in the house.

The symbol of 2021 will really like it if a garland with a photo as an original decorative solution is used for the first acquaintance with it.

A long and thin garland in a neutral shade is best suited for this. It is proposed to hang it in lines on one wall. Above these should be the most important photos for the house owners taken this year which are attached to the garland with paper clips or small clothespins.