How in Turkmenistan International Day for Protection of Children was marked

How in Turkmenistan International Day for Protection of Children was marked

Annually on the first day of summer International Day for Protection of Children is celebrated. Worldwide on this day various actions – concerts, competitions of drawings, sports competitions, and charitable actions are carried out. Turkmenistan as the country ratifying the Convention on the Rights of the Child, also widely celebrates International Day for Protection of Children.

 Since early morning in streets of Ashgabat and other regions the countries it is possible to see a considerable quantity of children joyfully going to cheerful and celebratory actions, coinciding with the beginning of summer vacations. The shopping centre “Berkarar”, park «Ertekiler dünýäsi», entertaining centre “Älem” with special warmth received young visitors.

 Here children were presented with song -musical performances, various competitions and cheerful attractions. Everyone could take an active part in each quiz, trying to answer first the asked questions. And at the end of competitions all were treated to tasty ice-cream. The entire atmosphere of the holiday could be described with such words: «Children – you are flowers of life. Your smile and laughter does our life more bright».

 Sounds of drums welcomed young visitors at the Ashgabat Palace of childhood and youth. Pupils of the centre prepared not only creative numbers, but also organised a small art exhibition of works.

 Today the festival of drawings among pupils of preschool centres of the country, declared by the representation of UNICEF in Turkmenistan and Ministry of Education of the country, started. Till June 30, each child can draw drawing on the theme «My happy family», and till July 30 all works will be published online-mas media of Turkmenistan, and also used in the further work of UNICEF.


Photo: Vyacheslav SARKISYAN