Hopeful song: COVID-19 video clip gained popularity in China

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the usual life schedule of the people of the planet. People began to spend more time online, but nothing can slow down the course of a human life. China made a video clip about the heroic efforts of the Chinese people to fight the COVID-19 virus.

The video for the song “You want to live like that” by the Russian Rozhdestvo group has already reached 100 million views in two months, and this is only in China. The video includes real stories from hospitals and medical facilities.it depicts doctors saving patients, children in medical masks, separated from their parents by the glass walls of the insulators. Every moment of the video touches the soul, there is a lump in the throat, with tears come to the eyes.

“You know, you want to live like that”, these words translated into Chinese and accompanying the video title, have become a symbol of faith and hope for a billion people. Back in 2016, the Russian song was translated by Dalian Feisyan into Chinese versions, and even then it gained success on social media among users in China. Later, singer Yang Inhui performed it in Chinese, making the song even more famous. But now the composition, as if rethought by time, has found a new response in the hearts of people.

 The song was created under the tragic circumstances of the life of the leader of the Rozhdestvo group, Gennadiy Seleznev. For three years, he suffered a lost of three persons very close to him. The painful loss has reflected in the work, it took a whole year to write the lyrics to the song. Literally “suffered” creative work immediately became the hallmark of the group.

The lyrics and music of the song seem to appeal to all living people – to take care of relatives and loved ones, to appreciate the opportunity to talk with them, and to spend every minute of life next to loved ones. After all, no one insured against losses, it is worth to enjoy the opportunity to live and breathe here and now, and then even this may not become, as if the “red thread”, it was the message of the song.

Rozhdestvo group performed this song in 2013 at a concert in the Kremlin Palace; the guests of the event stood up and listened to it standing. The words of the song touched Russian President Vladimir Putin, while sitting among other listeners in the hall, Vladimir Vladimirovich could not restrain his tears.

 Now that the world community is facing events amid the epidemic, everyone needs words of support. And there are in different languages, from the most incredible parts of the globe; people send encouraging messages to each other.

Earlier, Media-Turkmen News Agency and ORIENT joined the actio China Hold On!Today, China was able to manage the coronavirus and it lifts the quarantine imposed on the province of Hubei. Such good news really make you want to live!

You know you want to live like that
Enjoy the crimson sunrise
Live to just love
Everyone who lives near you.