Hiking enthusiast of Ashgabat started a new marathon

Hiking enthusiast of Ashgabat started a new marathon

Known in Turkmenistan for a popular children’s sports TV show, enthusiast- promoter of a healthy lifestyle from Ashgabat Ilmyrat Ashirov started his new walking trip this early morning. This time it runs from the Turkmen capital to Koneurgench in the north of the country and includes a pilgrimage to the mausoleum of Najmetdin Kubra, the founder of the Sufi order “Kubraviyya”.

In an interview with an ORIENT correspondent, Ilmyrat said that he dedicates his new walking marathon, which began on the first day of spring in 2021, to the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence. And the goal is still the same: to learn the unique nature of the country, its historical monuments, and acquaintance with local residents, their fates and stories

Ilmyrat’s route runs along the Ashgabat-Dashoguz highway, and he plans to walk about 600 kilometers in 12 days, and at stops on the way those who support the enthusiast in his projects are waiting for him and preparing for a meeting.

Ilmyrat keeps a diary on social networks, including in the IMO application (+99365655628/ilmyratrich@mail.ru), where he posts his photos and stories about adventures, travel notes, tips and advices on walking tourism.

Behind Ilmyrat Ashirov is a 17-day journey on foot from the city of Turkmenabat to the sanctuary of the patron of arts, legendary Ashik Aidyn Pir in Koneurgench (Dashoguz Region) and a hiking trip from Ashgabat to Ancient Merv. To complete the current hiking trip, Ilmyrat traveled from 10 to 25 kilometers daily, and intends to use poles for Nordic walking for the first time.

– My main motto is health. Those who walk a lot do not have pain in their legs and back. Moreover, hiking trips are a great opportunity to observe the native land’s nature, Ilmyrat says, advising everyone to exercise brisk walk for at least 45-60 minutes a day.

Janmamed GULAMOV