Hiking as outdoor activity is gaining popularity in Turkmenistan

Hiking as outdoor activity is gaining popularity in Turkmenistan

We study, work and get busy with business staff in order to succeed in various fields. But sometimes we get lost in the daily routine and do not see the beauty of natural environment around us.

Of course, for some people, over weekend, it’s enough to stay alone and read a book having along a cup of coffee, or watch your favorite movie, while someone prefers to get out of a stuffy apartment on a hiking adventure.

Hiking is now one of the most popular activity amongst adventure travelers. Travelers said the most important components of an adventure experience were being in a natural environment, health improving, and move away from daily routine.

“My first trip was spontaneous,” Maksat Dagdyev shares. “That time, I did not know what was waiting for me. Frankly saying, I assumed that such adventure can make you feel tired, but … it was in a different way. In fact, this is a wonderful type of outdoor activity. You are decision-maker of your route, you look for mountain places that are not the most famous, to make it more interesting.”

“It is like being on a desert island when you have a food just for a couple of days, and a tent, a sleeping bag and a guitar only. Our group satisfies with minimal stuff, there is no need for much, and the main thing is a good mood.”

Since the time that Maksat has been engaged in hiking, he has discovered quite a lot of unique places in Kopetdag Mountain. These places, of course, are well known to avid mountain climbers, who gave them the names: “Droplet”, “Swallow”, etc.

“My favorite one is the road to the “first spring”. It has two routes: the first through the Barsovoyy Gorge, and the second – through the hills. The first way will take more time, but there is an incredible nature! It holds you spellbound!”

Often on the way in the mountains, you can find structures in the form of a tower of stones, so-called tour. This is a kind of guidance, and some travelers put notes with wishes or advice.

During the first trips, it is important to have a guide, who is well acquainted with the mountain surroundings and can share many interesting stories about these places. With the help of such mentors, Maksat already knew many amazing sights of the Turkmen mountains, but but still there are a lot to experience ahead!

Inspired by trips to Kopetdag, he is already making plans for a trip to the highest and inaccessible mountains of Nepal and even to climb Everest.

“This is my dream. It is great when you discover the tops of your native land, but it is good to discover the world as well. Now I spend more time in the mountains than at home … I did not think that my hobby would become for me the main desire in life.”