High result of the alpinist from Ashgabat on the highest peak of Europe

High result of the alpinist from Ashgabat on the highest peak of Europe


At the X International Festival Red Fox Elbrus Race 2018, Alekper Ahmedov, the alpinist from Ashgabat, in the age category over 50 years was the first in the Vertical Kilometer Race and the second in the High Altitude Marathon – “Sport class” – SkyMarathon® – Mt. Elbrus.

The Skyrunner Races took place on the slopes of the highest peak of Europe – Mt. Elbrus.

Almost four hundred athletes took part in the Vertical Kilometer mass starts. The start was given at altitude of about 2,5 thousand meters.

Alekper Ahmedov, the member of the Ashgabat Alp Club “Agama”, was able to overcome the difference in altitude of a thousand meters in less than an hour. Our compatriot passed the distance in 59 minutes 50 seconds. At the finish mark of 3450 meters Alekper came first among the participants “over 50 years”.

The route was not an easy one, and only one out of ten of those who started the race was able to overcome it – just 36 athletes in the category “50+”.

Alekper showed a good result in the High Altitude Marathon – “Sport class” – SkyMarathon®. There are 87 athletes started at this long distance speed climb to the top of Elbrus with difference of heights of 3,000 meters.

Runners moved in dense fog on fresh snow with a strong wind, the speed of which reached 35 km/h. The situation was aggravated by the snowfall that had begun. The higher the athletes climbed, the more severe the weather became.

Alekper Ahmedov overcame the difficult distance in 6 hours and 13 minutes. He took second place in the age group of “50+”, losing 3 minutes 46 seconds to Sergei Kolyshev from Moscow region.

X International Festival of Extreme Sports Red Fox Elbrus Race 2018 gathered more than four hundred athletes from 22 countries in the Elbrus region.