Herat Theater: art is the voice of the world that the Afghan people lack so much

Herat Theater: art is the voice of the world that the Afghan people lack so much

Fereydun Fakuri, the head of the Afghan theater troupe, who arrived in Ashgabat from the city of Herat, in an interview with ORIENT correspondent at the opening ceremony of the III International Theater Festival, said that the arrival in Turkmenistan became the important event for their creative team.

– To see such a beautiful capital as Ashgabat, which we perceive as a center of peace that unites the peoples of the region, to meet here foreign colleagues, it is simply great! And for us, it is a great honor to present with pride the culture of our country at this great holiday.

You know, the last decades, Afghanistan is facing the difficult intra-country situation, and our people survives under difficult, crisis conditions. The performance that we would show at the festival is about the peace and the peaceful life that the Afghans are so lack. We hope the Turkmen audience will like it.

In addition, Fereydun Fakuri said that he believes that the language of art can be the best way to bring the peace in Afghanistan, in the whole region. He noted that as a neighboring country, Turkmenistan constantly supports the Afghan people, provides humanitarian assistance, and participates in the restoration of socio-economic infrastructure in Afghanistan.

– Turkmenistan is the main exporter of electricity to our country. The TAPI gas pipeline project implementation, which would bring Turkmen energy to Afghanistan, and, along with it, a better life for our people, is underway. We have big hopes for this project, and we greatly appreciate the fraternal participation of our Turkmen friends in building a new fate for our country,” Fakuri said.

The presentation of theater groups from different countries and the official opening ceremony of the III International Theater Festival took place this morning at the Main Drama Theater of Turkmenistan. The festival of the theatre art will run in Ashgabat until November 23.