Healthy family – healthy society

Healthy family – healthy society

“All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” – this quote from the novel Anna Karenina by Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy causes heated debate to this day. How to have a happy family life and strengthen it by good marriage in the modern world, when such global problem as “public” loneliness or, if you like, loneliness in the network, is so acute.

Recently, the “Happy Family” service has resumed its activities in Ashgabat. Its ideological inspirer is Natalia Yershova, an expert on family and marriage. For many years she has been resolving the problem of loneliness, helping people not only find each other, but also providing advice to already established married couples.

Over the years of practice, psychologist and analyst Natalia Aleksandrovna has developed her own methodology. The main principle of her work is “Healthy family – healthy society”. Indeed, most often lonely people feel helpless and mentally vulnerable, because the accumulated psychological barriers and difficulties grow like a snowball, bad habits are adopted that cause dependence, and life suddenly loses its meaning.

– It is almost impossible to cope with psychological problems by your own efforts, Natalia Yershova says. – My life experience and the life-changing events that I had to face prompted me to create such a social service where a person in need of help could openly talk about his problems without a fear of judgment from the outside. I communicate with each of the subscribers individually, in a face-to-face form. Of course, in the age of modern technologies, young people rushed for dating on the Internet, but as practice shows, relationships established in the virtual space rarely have a happy end.

Expressing her opinion, Natalia Aleksandrovna cites as an example the statistical data of the Trust family and marriage service, which existed several years earlier. In the period 2006-2008, the service had applications from 2.217 people, more than a hundred of whom entered into marriage. At this time, the problem of loneliness has taken on a much wider scale. Mostly young people aged 18 and older seek advice.

– I have been working in this area for 23 years, continues Natalia Yershova. – She began her independent activity with the support of Nina Kerimi, Director of the Preventive and Clinical Medicine Research Institute. Then the anonymous service Trust was established that was dealing with the problems of loneliness. In 2007, I developed a social project “Maşgala” (Family), which was supported in terms of sponsorship and successfully carried out.

Today, the Happy Family service works applying the established practices, and guarantees an individual approach to each of its subscribers. You can make an appointment by phone: +99312 93-30-02.