Head of WorldSkills Europe has appreciated professional development in Turkmenistan

Head of WorldSkills Europe has appreciated professional development in Turkmenistan

Ashgabat held for the first time a professional skill contest among Turkmen students.

Students of primary and secondary vocational schools of the country competed in such professional fields as bricklaying, electrical installation, cooking and tailoring, and university students in web technologies. Each educational institution thoroughly prepared for the contest, being represented by their best students.

A foreign delegation led by President of WorldSkills Europe Dita Traidas arrived to evaluate the professional skills of the participants and discuss futher steps for Turkmenistan to join the world movement WorldSkills.

– To develop and strongly support young talents is an important matter. Last year, a Turkmen delegation visited the WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan. Then they were impressed with what they saw and became interested in WorldSkills. And since then, Turkmenistan has been rapidly advancing towards the goal to join our world movement. The country has all the possibilities for this, Dita Traidas said in an interview with ORIENT.

According to the expert, no country sends its professionals to international contests without special training. After all, WorldSkills is a kind of “Olympics for skillful hands”, a place where the best of the best meet.

– Dita Traidas, who is also Director of the National Education Development Agency in Latvia, which includes SkillsLatvia, specified that the most important is to train very seriously. Although it is only the fourth national championship in professional development to be held in April this year, the representatives of Latvia are regularly awarded medals at EuroSkills competitions.

The guest closely watched the work of contestants, who focused on their jobs. Dita Traidas was particularly attracted by the technique of cooking pilaf and pisme. She asked the organizers about these dishes cooking recipes. – Such donuts are cooked in Latvia as well, but they are rolled, she said.

During her visit, the head of WorldSkills Europe will discuss with the relevant departments the conditions for Turkmenistan to join this international organization, and explain the necessary requirements. Perhaps Turkmenistan will participate in the next world championship to be held in Shanghai in 2021.