Head of Waagner biro: Ashgabat City project has nothing to compare

Head of Waagner biro: Ashgabat City project has nothing to compare

Johann Sischka, Executive Director of Waagner biro Steel and Glass, an Austrian-based world leader in high-technology steel and glass construction as well as skyscraper, was an honored guest at the celebration events in Ashgabat, dedicated to the country’s International Neutrality Day.

Except official events, Sischka took part in a number of business meetings to discuss the possibility of participating Waagner biro in the Ashgabat City construction project.

The new plan for the construction of a “city in a city” – a business and social center of Turkmenistan – is very unusual. It would not be easy to build 35-story buildings on the territory of high seismic activity, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, there are modern construction companies that offer many development solutions to implement projects that are even more ambitious. And the Austrian Waagner biro is one of such companies.

The company has already expressed its intension to participate at the project and, together with its Turkmen partners, to tackle this challenge.

“Ashgabat City would be symbol of the development of Turkmenistan. When look at a land-use plan, there is nothing to compare it with. In the world, there are few examples of such large-scale projects as this city. The idea of Turkmen architects about how it should look can be and should be realized,” Johann Sischka said in an interview with ORIENT.

In addition to general participation in the construction, Waagner biro has a special interest to build up a stylized yurt in the center of the Ashgabat City. According to the architects, it would be a steel and glass structure with a diameter of 184 meters and a height of 130 meters.

– This is the basic design. It stylistically unites the whole city. Considering that Turkmenistan locates in the earthquake zone, it should be very carefully designed. We began to study this issue, presented several ideas, and discussed with architects the fate of the dome. We are confident that the concept stated in the project can be implemented.

According to Johann Sischka, this project would be a turning point in his life:

– I have been managing the company for almost 35 years, and have personally been involved in many construction projects. This project would be the zenith of my career. In Abu Dhabi, we built the Louvre building with a dome with a diameter of 80 m and a height of 60 m. As for the Ashgabat City project, the bulding dimensions are doubled at least. So, it would be very interesting for us to deal with the such large-scale issue.

So far, negotiations on participation of the Austrian company in the Ashgabat City project are underway, but Johann Sischka is confident that the parties can give a lot to each other during the cooperation process.