Hand Made and Ecology – Pure Art

Hand Made and Ecology – Pure Art

Beautiful serving of dishes is one of the keys to the success of prestigious cafes and restaurants. However, can a housewife surprise her guests in an ordinary home kitchen? Of course, she can!

Traditional products can look in a different way if they are served using right table appointments and fantasy of a cook. The main thing is a creative approach!

Decorative boards for serving meals have already gained popularity in the catering. Today, the market offers a wide variety of boards of aesthetic appearance, which can be used not only for cutting.

As it turned out, among factory-produced ones, handmade boards are of special value.

Jennet Sanatulina is a real hand-made specialist. Inspired by the ideas of various masters, she creates her own unique pieces.

“I started with jewelry, and then there were caskets, now here are boards and watches. I use epoxy resin for my products, since I have been working with it for several years, it gives great opportunity for creativity. I make boards for serving meat, fruit, and cheese.

Trying a variety of techniques, she experimented with pouring epoxy resin in different forms, with polymer clay, with wood cuts. Resin, which has a sticky transparent consistency, is good for creativity. It is often used by designers and hand-makers. Epoxy resin can save anything in its frozen “glass”.

Since Jennet is a fan of the use of natural materials, all her items are exceptional.

“String shopping bags – I started to make it after watching one film about ecology. I decided that using this bag could reduce the amount of plastic bags. Under compliance with use requirements, the string shopping bag would have a quite long service term.

Jennet has many new ideas, experiments with paintings, cup holders, and decorations. It is good that a modern person concerns about the environment and tries to improve the quality of life of the people around him.

The environmental issue is one of the most topical on the globe’s agenda. The level of air pollution in big cities and in industrial areas exceeds the average statistical level. Non-recyclable plastic waste, there was no denying it. The most ordinary single-use bag needs about 1000 years to decompose.

Contemporary artists who worry about environment are trying to show the threat to the earth with an example of installations. Floating island was built using thrown plastic bottles. The public encourages the using of natural materials, by eradicating the plastic ones.

If you want to change this world, just start with yourself, as Jennet Sanatulin does.

Svetlana MAYAK