Halkbank will teach your children the culture of using money

Halkbank will teach your children the culture of using money

In October of last year, SCBT “Halkbank” has put into practice a new card “Maşgala” – “Family”. The card is intended for use by children and close relatives.

Any holder of a salary card “Altyn Asyr” can attach to it “Maşgala” cards – one for each family member and set a weekly limit on the use of funds. The money is withdrawn from the salary account, and its owner receives an SMS notification for each purchase on his phone.

It is not always convenient to give children pocket money every time. And the balance on the “Maşgala” card is updated weekly in accordance with the set limit. And the child will always know that he has money for everyday expenses and has the opportunity retrenching, to build a money balance for their dreams. This is a good way for parents to teach their children not only to use cashless payments, but also to plan their own budget from an early age.

And thirdly, – adults will be able to invisibly control the purchase of children and unobtrusively give instructive advice.

By the way, if the little cardholder “Maşgala” cannot remember the PIN code, issued by the bank, he may change it himself to a more convenient in any ATM in the country.

To open the “Maşgala” card is simple enough: it’s necessary to provide a passport holder of the “Altyn Asyr” salary card and documents verifying relationship – birth certificate (children) or marriage (spouse) in the “Halkbank” SCBT. The card will be ready within three days and activated the next day after issuance to the owner. Its expiration date is 3 years.

For almost a year the number of users of this service has increased by 318 times and continues to grow steadily.

The “Maşgala” card has become particularly relevant in connection with the beginning of the school year – parents of pupils open it for the purpose of children are not left destitute in the middle of a working day.

Nowadays, the process of digitalization of the economy of Turkmenistan and the transition to cashless payments are observed everywhere.

And the “Maşgala” family card is an excellent practical guide for your children on managing their finances!