Gurbannazar Ezizov: poems on autumn leaves

Gurbannazar Ezizov: poems on autumn leaves

For fans of Gurbannazar Ezizov’s works, the first spring day will always be associated with his birthday. He was born on March 1, 1940 and lived a short but bright life. The literary heritage of the outstanding poet of the 20th century still continues to excite people.

Ovez Galandarov, Director of the State Drama Theater of the Balkan Region, also tried to adapt the poetry of the lyric poet for the stage.

– We can say that Gurbannazar Ezizov himself is the author of the solo performance “Thank you, life!”, and I am only a director who has arranged his poems in the order I have thought”, Ovez Galandarov says. – According to the production plot, the poet recalls his childhood, youth, first love and a crucial point from which he begins to write serious poems. Young actor Orazmengli Igdirov managed to be wholeheartedly imbued with every line and live the poems created from the feelings, experiences and reflections of the author.

There is a minimum of decorations in the stage space, while literally everything is filled with symbols and meanings associated with the life of Gurbannazar Ezizov. The action begins with the highlighting of the blue fabric covering the foreground, which presents the sea. A visionary poet appears from the raging depths of the sea. He seems to know what fate has in store for him, and with dignity accepts the trials that have fallen to his lot.

Born in the spring, the poet loved autumn with all his heart and soul, because it was time of the year that gave him inspiration for writing new poems. Inspired by a creative impulse, he wrote poetry on yellowed autumn leaves, and this artistic technique conveys the stormy flow of the poet’s harmonious thought.

– I really love the poetry of Gurbannazar Ezizov, almost his every poem can be adapted for the stage to produce a whole performance”, director Ovez Galandarov goes on. – I think many people who watch our production will want to read his poetry. The solo performance is filled with the music by composer Nury Halmamedov, the poet’s best friend, as well as songs performed by Atageldi Garyagdyev.