Guinness World Records Certificate was awarded in Avaza

Guinness World Records Certificate was awarded in Avaza

In Avaza, as part of the plenary meeting of the International Conference, Turkmenistan was awarded the Guinness World Records Certificate for the largest lecture on ecology held on August 8.

Representative of the Guinness Book Sheida Subashi noted that the international community welcomes the initiatives of Turkmenistan in the field of ecology. And this certificate is another confirmation of this.

Today, the country is actively promoting the transition to green technologies, development of eco-fuel, integration of environmentally friendly technologies in all areas of the economy. Individual initiatives of citizens to reduce the carbon footprint such the use of bicycles instead of vehicles, eco-projects of schoolchildren, and house gardening are also supported.

The last lesson on ecology is aimed to enlarge the basic knowledge of those attended the lecture on ecology, on subjects of its study, as well as inspire them to join the “green” campaign already today.