Guinness World Records 2021 was released out of print

Guinness World Records 2021 was released out of print

The resident of Hampshire, England, has beaten the world record of Guinness as the shortest bus driver and his height is 137, 2 cm.
Frank Faeek Hachem drives the bus for more than 20 years. The 57-year-old man from Iraq, the married father of two children, suffers from achondroplasia, widespread form of dwarfism, but he never allowed the height to constrain himself.

As for his bus does not need any special modification, all he needs to make is to adjust a seat and a steering wheel before to go out.

He hopes that, having received a title and having shown that he can perform the same work, as others, he will inspire also others to believe in himself and “not to surrender”.

Mr. Hachem is just one of a group of the new world record-holders revealed by Guinness with start of the new book of records for 2021.

Among other champions – Marco George who has doubled the previous record for the fastest ever headstand on a motorcycle with a speed of 122, 59 kilometres per hour.

After an instant following establishment of a record the daredevil told: «I do not know that happens, I was simply switched to the following transfer of what I usually do. I feel excellent and I feel easy».

In the meantime the Luke Roberts trained the rats to carry out 28 tricks with use of paws, and eight jumps through a hoop of all for 30 seconds.

Two-year old rat brothers Freddie and Frankie, daily within eight weeks trained for 15 minutes to perfect the skills.

Luke gave rats sweet corn to support their motivation and aspiration to realise the ambitions.

«I trained Freddie and Frankie. You can train rats the same as dogs, by means of delicacy», – Luke says.

Among other champions in the book of this year – Chinonso Eche from Nigeria who has made the world record for most consecutive football touches in one minute while balancing another football on the head – 111.

Michael Ferreri from Spain has carried out the greatest quantity consecutive juggling seven objects over his head – 71.

Paul Scardino from the USA has an unusual hobby which has brought to him a place in the book of records after collecting of the biggest collection Funko Pops (toys or the figures devoted to heroes of films) – 5306.

The yak nicknamed Jericho belonging to Hugh and Melody Smith from the USA has the been confirmed as having the longest horns on a yak –measuring a massive 346.4 cm
The Guinness World Records world record for the Longest gum wrapper chain was set by Gary Duschl who has been making a gum wrapper chain which measures 32 555, 68 metres.

Edward Nino Hernandez, of Colombia, the world’s shortest man living, broke a record of the shortest person – 72,1 cm.

The Guinness Book of Records of 2021 has become already 66th edition by counting, in which set of the feats, unusual acts and strangeness of peoples are registered.