Green – the colour of the year in the European design

Green – the colour of the year in the European design

The most popular colour for design of the interiors, chosen by owners of apartments in Europe, became the past year green as confirms the design agency «Full House Design».

The principal cause of popularity of colour experts named the pandemic which forced the majority of inhabitants of Europe to notice that unduly bright details in the habitation interior irritate and cause anxiety.

It is difficult even to imagine more universal colour which will be simultaneously both bright and cosy, and noble. A wide application of the green is obliged also by its combination with many colours, and besides it, it can be not only a bright background, but also unusual addition to it.

In the kitchen, according to workers of the agency, the set and chairs become an excellent variant painted in this colour. Such decision will always promote spring mood of owners of apartment. The design of kitchen with a green background of walls is not simply effective and attractive, but it is also a positive 24 hours a day.

The design of green kitchen – not necessarily the room completely recolored in green tone arranged with green furniture. The reserved solution is more popular: green tone for kitchen use in the form of the most important details or accents.

In the majority of drawing rooms the main element there is a sofa which sets the fashion to all premises. Designers consider the similar solution not simply beautiful, but stylish. Quiet and pacifying – such associations are caused by green colour of a sofa. As pure colours of the basic spectrum like red, yellow and dark blue do not match with the green, then they in a room should be diluted with semitones not to receive mixing of shades or hurting eyes combination. For example, green it will be lost against yellow, and with dark blue – will merge. The best choice of 2020 was the sofa of mint shade which does a drawing room of fresher and evokes sensation of approach to nature in visitors.

Experts say that green colour in the bedroom interior promotes immunity improvement, presents with energy and has favourable influence on the human psychological condition.

For Turkmenistan green – primary colour of state symbols. On a flag it symbolises life, earth, and grass on pastures, prosperity and peace. The basic element of the coat of arms, an eight-final star is also green. As this colour symbolises the youth, it also prevails in the uniform of schoolgirls of Turkmen schools.