Green technologies in the oil and gas industry – is it real?

Green technologies in the oil and gas industry – is it real?

Traditional fossil fuels are considered to be the cause of almost all the environmental troubles of mankind. Today, at the OGT-2019 Conference in Ashgabat, leading regional and global oil and gas corporations have discussed how to make the oil and gas sector “green” based on the latest global trends.

It is significant that the first plenary session of the Ashgabat Conference started with reports on global trends in the introduction of green technologies in the field of hydrocarbons extraction and processing.

In accordance with global trends, traditional energy resources could not be soon substituted with alternative sources. The increase in demand for natural gas in 2018 was 4.6% and continues to grow. But this does not mean that the demand for these products can continue to be an excuse for “dirty” industries.

Today, the choice of most major players in the world market, including in Turkmenistan, is to maximize industries greening, process by-products of extraction, ensure recycled water supply to enterprises, introduce the latest technologies for waste collection and neutralization, etc.

As Turkmengaz Group of Companies Deputy Chairman Guvanch Agajanov highlighted in his speech, natural gas, by the reserves of which Turkmenistan is 4th in the world, will become a transitional link to the use of renewable energy sources. The main consumers today are China and India, where energy demands are directly proportional to development of the economy.

– Oil and gas companies today are evaluated not only by productivity, but also by their participation in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, where one of the main provisions is the transition to green energy, the forum specifies.

“A friend of the environment”, as SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev called natural gas, is the best choice compared to coal and oil. And the Caspian countries, including the energy giant – Turkmenistan – can provide the necessary proposal for sustainable development of the whole region.