“Green positivity”, or how indoor plants affect a person

“Green positivity”, or how indoor plants affect a person

Ashgabat’s flower shops have a large selection of indoor plants: ornamental begonias, cyclomens, sansevieria, crassulaceae, cacti, and many others. Home flowers can be not only a great complement to design, but also a useful find. Some flowers bring good luck and happiness to the house, some are able to filter out harmful substances contained in the air, and some of them become a “pharmacy” on the windowsill.

One of such a miracle of flowers is aloe. The healing properties of this unpretentious, but healthy plant for human health are contained in its juice. Folic acid, zinc, magnesium, iron, amino acids, chromium. Aloe juice is an inexhaustible source of vitamins and minerals.

Like a “home doctor” – aloe will help with colds, inflammations, its juice is used in the treatment of throat, heartburn, gastritis. The pulp of aloe leaves is able to heal wounds, stop bleeding, and medicinal ointments and medicines are made on its basis.

All types of ficus favor “emotional balance” and actively release oxygen. The plant is recommended to be placed in office premises, as it absorbs up to five harmful substances at the same time. Ficus helps cleanse the room of negative energy, at the same time the energy features of the flower itself give decisiveness and determination to introverts, and contribute to resolving problems.

– “All indoor plants are useful, just some of them stand out for their features. A common mistake of beginning gardeners is that they forget to monitor the watering, and if the flower suddenly spoils, they draw information from unreliable sources. You need to feel the plant, is it feeling well, to check if the earth is moist. A flower that has taken root can be crowded in a small pot,” says experienced florist Irina Razinova. – There is such a belief that rubber ficus favorably affects a family that can not acquire offspring for a long time, just put this flower in the house.

Increasingly, the flower shops began to propose the “green positivist”, originating from China. Amazing green shoots of an unusual form with small leaves called “bamboo of happiness” bring home residents health, financial well-being and good mood.

“You don’t really notice how you get involved in floriculture,” says Eric, the buyer of one of the flower shops. – I have been collecting flowers for a long time on the windowsill in my office. I also had bamboo, but, unfortunately, it did not take root. And then I learned that this plant absorbs everything bad and thus protects its owner.

The Chinese consider the “bamboo of happiness” to be an ideal gift and present it on any occasion: for a housewarming party, opening a business, or a wedding. It is no coincidence that the number of bamboo shoots in the composition. According to ancient custom, Chinese newlyweds give each guest at a wedding three stalks of bamboo, which means a guarantee of the duration of the marriage ties.

– When you plant a plant in good soil, you do not have to fertilize it for a long time, since the soil already contains useful elements. When the plant reaches a large size and takes root, then it is possible to add nutritious potassium to the soil. Flowers should always have enough light, and it is undesirable to rearrange them often around the apartment, the florist advises.

– Recently, I myself conducted an experiment with a cactus, placing it near a computer monitor. The small cactus doubled in a short time, apparently absorbing harmful rays. Therefore, it is worthwhile to start indoor plants, but you need to approach the choice of a flower wisely.