Great Wall of China open for visitors

Great Wall of China open for visitors

Now the famous tourist site is open for visitors, while it works with restrictions: so far, only Badalin, the very first and most popular site, is available and a daily quota for visits has been introduced (maximum 20 thousand people per day). To enter the Wall, tourists should show identity card, electron health certificate, and should wear a mask. All visitors are measured to check the temperature.

However, the Great wall is opened for residents of China only – the country announced its decision to suspend entry for foreigners with valid visas and residence permits from March 28, 2020. Visa-free transit for 24, 72 and 144 hours is also temporarily banned. And this is understandable – after China’s successful effort to stop the epidemic, the task to avoid any case of importing the coronavirus case in the country is of special importance.

Meanwhile, according to Chinese media, Hainan launched a program to support the tourism industry. The island provincial government will release approximately 150 million yuan (approximately 20 million USD) to support tourist companies operating on the island. The program includes the promotion of the tourism potential of the region in the international arena among other 30 directions.

In addition, this year, the Chinese authorities schedules to hold the 1-st Hainan International Yacht Exhibition.