Great Victory in persons: nationals of Turkmenistan in entrenchments of Stalingrad

Great Victory in persons: nationals of Turkmenistan in entrenchments of Stalingrad

Seventy seven years ago the Battle of Stalingrad- one of the bloodiest battles in the history of mankind completed.

Stalingrad… The name of this Volzhskiy bastion then, in the middle of war, was quite popular. The attention of the huge country was drawn to it. With hope looking at funnels of loudspeakers people in cities and villages from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, with bated breath, listened to the front reports: how is there in Stalingrad?

The destiny of each of republics of the former multinational state depended on the outcome of the battle on the Volga. From here, from walls of Stalingrad in February, 1943 the countdown of the war began. The wave which came to the Volga bank, for a while stood, and then, having gained in strength, sent on errands aggressors in the opposite direction.

By superhuman efforts of all defenders of the Volga stronghold the bastion stood, but the victory was gained by high cost – lives of hundreds thousands of fighters. Among those who defended Stalingrad, were many Turkmen nationals as well. Their feat is not forgotten.

For years of the war more than 300 thousand Turkmen nationals fought against fascist aggressors. They fought adequately, showing example of courage, heroism and selflessness. As a part of regiments, the rifle and cavalry divisions formed in Ashgabat, soldiers-Turkmen nationals took part both in defensive actions on the approaches to Stalingrad and in the city, defending each house, each street. Many of them lost their lives in deadly fights, protecting Stalingrad.

For the heroic feats made at the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, 104 Turkmen soldiers were awarded the rank of Heroes of Soviet Union. In number of Heroes by population for every 100 thousand people Turkmenistan won first place among republics of the former USSR. The rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union for participation at the Stalingrad battle Annaklych Atayev was posthumously awarded.

Valorously fought, protecting Stalingrad, our fellow countryman and future Hero of the Soviet Union Pena Rejepov. Here, on the bank of the Volga the first Turkmen general Yakub Kuliev was mortally wounded.

In days of the Great Patriotic War, it was necessary to become the holder of the third class of the Order of Glory to make directly in fight not less than three heroic feats. In Turkmenistan 15 full holders the Order of Glory are known. Six from them participated at the Stalingrad battle. Thirty fighters, who became holders of the Gold Star, participated in operations on protection of Stalingrad. Some of them received baptism of fire and military training at the Stalingrad battle. Many Turkmen soldiers for the shown firmness and courage at the Stalingrad battle were awarded the medal «For defence of Stalingrad».

Turkmenistan than could, help the font – accepted and placed evacuated, created mobile hospitals, opened boarding schools and children’s homes for children of refugees and children of orphans from the occupied areas. At the Stalingrad front there were echelons with the foodstuffs and warm things for soldiers.

At the expense of internal resources, strict economy, overtime work labour collectives of industrial enterprises, agriculture, railway workers, inhabitants of Turkmenistan collected money, machine tools, agricultural equipment, tools, warm clothes, foodstuffs, educational and fiction literature.

All it was directed to restoration of industrial enterprises, collective farms, establishment of education, culture, medicine of Stalingrad and the area. On March 28, 1943 from Ashgabat to the hero city the echelon of 66 cars with equipment, stock, gifts was sent. With echelons there were sent teachers, workers of communication, medical workers to work in Stalingrad.

It is necessary to tell about military doctors, staff nurses, the hospital attendants rendering medical aid to wounded fighters at the Stalingrad front. In the first months of war Turkmenistan sent 248 doctors and 662 persons of medium medical personnel, including 140 graduates of Turkmen state medical institute of 1941 to the front.

Among them was young military man surgeon Sachli Dursunova. She passed a way from Stalingrad to East Prussia and, being at the most dangerous sites of operations, saved lives of hundreds of fighters.

In heavy, bloody fights for the Volga bastion military doctor of the 81st cavalry division Jora Fayzyev lost his life. The part of doctors and nurses from Turkmenistan were awarded medals «For defence of Stalingrad».

The Stalingrad battle remains today for grateful mankind the largest military-historical battle of modernity become a turning-point during the Great Patriotic War. Stalingrad became a symbol of victory of military art, fighting skill of marshals, generals, officers of soldiers and great work of workers of home front.

For more than seven decades they still stand on one line, having pressed to pages, literarily shoulders by shoulder, as then, in the far winter of 1942-1943 in entrenchments of Stalingrad.

Vladimir Zarembo