Great Silk Road in the Moscow Ramadan Tent

Great Silk Road in the Moscow Ramadan Tent

An evening dedicated to Turkmenistan was held in the Moscow Ramadan Tent. Ramadan Tent is cultural charity project organized in the holy month of the fasting by Russian Mufti Council and the Muslim spiritual boards of Moscow and Russia.

Stars of the evening were representatives of the city of Kunya Urgench – one of the most interesting ancient cities of the Great Silk Road, an important cultural and trade hub of the Eastern world in the XI-XVI centuries. The first mention of this city in the historical chronicles is dated back to the X century.

The scientific elite of that time – poets, scientists, thinkers, philosophers flocked to the “city of a thousand sages” or the “heart of Islam” as Kunya-Urgench was sometimes called,

Kunya-Urgench is the national historical reserve of Turkmenistan and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The cultural program of the evening was presented by various performances and videos about the beauty of nature, rich history and culture of Turkmenistan.

The event was attended by the adviser of the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to the Russian Federation Serdar Durdyev. “Every year the Ramadan Tent becomes more spacious and lighter, more and more people come here. This shows that the project is growing and becoming more popular, and Moscow is a kind, multi-ethnic city where representatives of various nations and cultures live,” the Turkmen diplomat said, expressing gratitude to the main organizers of the project.